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Hunt Valley, Maryland is just north of Baltimore, in the heart of Maryland’s horse country. The state is known for its thoroughbred racing tradition, as well as Baltimore’s Triple Crown race, the Preakness. The area is very green, with the city to the south, and farms and open country to the north, east, and west.

ZeniMax Online moved into its current office in Hunt Valley in June of 2008. The office is quiet, focused, and a great place to work, with a mix of private conference rooms, offices and open gathering spaces. There is a huge kitchen where snacks and drinks can always be found.

The office is in a convenient location. A Baltimore Light Rail station is within easy walking distance from the office, providing an easy way for employees living in the city to get to the office. Hunt Valley Town Centre is just across the street, which contains many shops, restaurants, and a Wegman’s grocery store, which has the best café in the area. Just a mile west of the office is Oregon Ridge Park, where company employees gather for soccer a couple of times a week.

The ZeniMax Online office and team has been built for maximum communication and collaboration. To encourage inter-team communication ZeniMax Online uses an open office design and has adopted Agile and SCRUM management techniques.

For more information about the area, and everything Maryland has to offer, go to the Maryland Information page.

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