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Gina Bruno

The people at ZOS feel like family. We’ve shared so much together, and we all have a passion for creating something spectacular.

What do you do at ZOS?

I’m a Community Manager for The Elder Scrolls Online. This means I work directly with our players for various community-related programs and liaise between our players and the development team.

How did you get your start with ZOS?

Back when I worked in retail, I remember seeing a box for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and noticed the Bethesda logo. At the time, I was working in the next city over and didn’t realize they were so close. I was always a gamer and wanted to get into the industry, but never truly pursued it until that point.

After submitting countless applications, I got the phone call with a job offer while in the middle of orientation to work with the police. I began working for ZOS back in 2008 when the company was still in its infancy and only had a few developers. I started as the receptionist and office manager, but my heart always belonged with Community. Once there was talk of spinning up that department about four years later, I jumped at the chance.

What does an average day look like for you as an ESO Community Manager?

In Community, there’s no such thing as an average day, and you’re always on your toes. You’ll typically find me working with Production on patch notes for an upcoming build, either for a major update (like a DLC or Chapter release) or a smaller incremental patch for either PC/Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation®4, or even our Public Test Server.

I manage a number of community programs - including the ESO Stream Team and Class Representative Program - and run major contests, so there’s always work to be done there. Depending on the month or even the day of the week, you may see me at a gaming convention or on Twitch/YouTube/Mixer for a livestream show. And of course, I love chatting with players on our forums, Reddit, and occasionally even Discord!

How do you like working for ZOS?

The people at ZOS feel like family. We’ve shared so much together and we all have a passion for creating something spectacular. When we come to work, we want to be here, and the drive for creativity and personal growth is nurtured and encouraged. There’s always someone around to answer a question or help solve a problem, or even chat about a hot new video game release.

Have you always wanted your current role as a Community Manager?

Oh, yes. I always wanted to work in the gaming industry, but wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do. After I started working at ZOS and researched the role of Community Management, it was exactly what I wanted to do, and I knew it’d be a perfect fit for me. I haven’t turned back since!

What is your proudest achievement while working for ZOS?

Being able to say that I’ve had a small part in making a difference in someone’s life fills me with pride and honor. When we ran our 10 Million Stories campaign in 2017, I was lucky enough to read so many heartwarming emails and messages about how ESO and our community has made a positive impact on peoples’ lives. It’s incredibly humbling to read these types of stories and know you’re a part of it.

Do you have any other hobbies outside of work?

Outside of work, I really enjoy doing various home improvement and DIY projects. I’ve always said if I wasn’t in Community Management, I’d probably get into the renovation or flipping business! I’m also kind of a gearhead and love tinkering with my car; I used to be very heavy into car shows. I also love spending time with my two-year-old daughter and exploring all the different activities in the city.

How do you manage a good work / life balance?

I stay hyper focused at work and prioritize tasks as best as I can, but once I get home, I try to unplug for a couple hours to eat dinner as a family and spend some time with my toddler without being buried in my phone… at least until she goes to bed. I tend to keep an eye on email during off hours, but I always make sure to have 1-2 hours of “me time” after everyone goes to bed to watch some trashy TV, play some games, catch up on non-work work, or anything I need to keep me grounded.

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