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A living world needs to sound, well, alive. The audio team’s sound designers and musicians make sure all of our game’s sound effects, ambiance, music, and voice-overs create an enchanting experience for our players.

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Department Audio Division ZeniMax Online Studios Location Hunt Valley MD


ZeniMax Online Studios is hiring a Sound Designer to work with the Audio Director and the rest of the project team to support the creation and integration of game audio within The Elder Scrolls Online. They are responsible for all game audio aspects from early design phase to final mix, while adhering to team values and best practices.


  • Creation & integration of a wide variety of game audio, including combat, monsters, foley, ambience, and more
  • Working with the Audio Team in all game audio aspects from early design phase to final mix
  • Working with programmers to coordinate new implementation techniques
  • Taking direction from and collaborating with designers, gathering information from other teams, and combining that with one's own creative input to produce top-notch audio unique to our games
  • Playtesting, troubleshooting, and bug fixing game audio issues


  • Minimum 2 years’ experience creating audio for AAA video game titles, preferably as an in-house team member
  • Extensive knowledge and expertise in audio recording, editing, processing, integration, and mixing
  • Experience with Wwise or similar game audio middleware
  • Excellent organization and communication skills
  • A proven ability to convert abstract direction into sonic reality
  • Must be self-motivated, able to manage and track one's own workload, and able to maintain a schedule as part of a small team with many demands placed upon it
  • Proficient in the Windows work environment, including knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel and other Windows software

Preferred Skills

  • Degree in related audio field preferred (film/game sound design, music, audio engineering, etc.)

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