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One team. Many unique individuals.

Many different developers, publishers, and staff make up ZENIMAX ONLINE STUDIOS – each bringing their own unique background, experiences, and talents. Learn about just some of ZOS’ team members and their role within the studio.
Community Manager
We’ve shared so much together, and we all have a passion for creating something spectacular.
Senior Live Producer
I went from someone brand new who only knew how to play video games to someone called upon for knowledge and guidance when others needed help, and I eventually became someone overseeing every single live deploy.
Narrative Designer
My goal is to make sure that everyone who plays our game feels that they are, in some way, respectfully represented. I’m more interested in playing games where I’m represented, so why wouldn’t I want that experience for our players?
Lead Content Designer
I’ve always known I wanted to be a Game Designer, and I always hoped to end up leading a team in a large project in creating new content. Being a part of making a massive multiplayer Elder Scrolls game is a dream come true.
Concept Artist
I am lucky to be surrounded by incredibly talented people, and every day they inspire me and help me achieve my best possible work.
Lead Graphics Engineer
More so than any other studio I’ve been at before, there’s a real sense of a team environment here. It’s not about trying to outdo the other person, it’s about achieving a common goal.
Associate Animator
I have built real lasting friendships with many of my workmates. There’s a strong sense of community here, and I feel lucky to be a part of it.

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ZENIMAX ONLINE STUDIOS is hiring for The Elder Scrolls® Online and future projects. We’re looking for talented, self-motivated people of varied experiences and backgrounds with the desire to make great games. Welcome to ZOS!

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