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Making video games is a huge undertaking, so ZOS has a large team of producers and managers who assist with the planning and execution of all of the studio’s teams and development goals.

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Department Production Division ZeniMax Online Studios Location Hunt Valley MD


Zenimax Online Studios is looking for a Senior Producer for its mobile team to ensure that the project vision is realized while keeping scope under control and communicating status to keep everyone aligned.The ideal candidate will be proficient in scheduling/planning, analyzing team metrics, and establishing a development environment designed to help the team achieve success.


  • 5+ years game production experience, including at least one mobile game through the full production cycle to live maintenance and updating
  • Strong knowledge of agile development practices including Scrum and Kanban
  • Experience managing multiple teams including establishing project plans, budgets, determining dependencies, and prioritizing work to achieve success
  • Strong problem solving and communication skills, including conflict resolution
  • Experience with iOS and Android development and deployment
  • Experience working with external developers
  • Must be able to keep focus on multiple tasks and effectively set priorities between projects
  • Goal focused and results driven
  • Proficiency with JIRA and Confluence


  • Organize, manage, and maintain the project schedule and roadmap
  • Coordinate with external partners, internal teams, and leadership to make optimal decisions about team and product direction
  • Manage project budgets in terms of finances and developer bandwidth
  • Create, manage, and maintain clearly-defined development processes and workflows
  • Track and analyze team metrics to improve process and guide future decisions
  • Identify critical path issues and drive initiatives with teams to resolve those issues
  • Manage project release schedules for game and platform initiatives
  • Ensure status is communicated widely, keeping stakeholders, leadership, and the team aligned
  • Support day-to-day processes & planning, acting as Scrum Master for teams

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Senior Live Producer

I’m proud of my role in every single milestone the studio has hit while I’ve been here. I went from someone brand new who only knew how to play video games to someone called upon for knowledge and guidance when others needed help, and I eventually became someone overseeing every single live deploy.

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ZENIMAX ONLINE STUDIOS is hiring for The Elder Scrolls® Online, Commander Keen, and future projects. We’re looking for talented, self-motivated people of varied experiences and backgrounds with the desire to make great games. Welcome to ZOS!

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